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Mark 16:15

15  He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.


Our vision is to carry the heartbeat of God by reaching the nations through the gospel of
Jesus Christ. To bring them to salvation, teaching and equipping them with the word of
God and then making disciples to go out to the lost.


Spiritual accountability and Covering

We believe in accountability and integrity above all. Metro Ministries Africa has a
spiritual relationship and covering with Metro International Church in NYC under the
leadership of DR Bill Wilson.


Metro Ministries Africa is a Non Profitable Organisation (NPC) dedicated to uplifting the community. Specifically the underprivileged, children, youth and the aged throughout 4 initial provinces of South Africa.

We are passionately committed to care, share, support and equip low income areas of our country; providing assistance to people of all race groups. Our 10 year vision is to impact and uplift up to 100,000 people needy kids and people across 30 sites per week through our mobile trucks and teams.


CHILDREN: Our attendance this year has been ranging 20 000 kids per week. Our goal is to reach as many children as possible and to adopt 10 orphanages within 10 years. Those living in abusive environments, abandoned and living with HIV & Aids. We will provide life skills programmes that assist with education, sport coaching, meals, clothing and other areas of need. Children will be loved, cared for and given a fair chance at life. We encourage them to dream big and pursue it for a better future.

SCHOOLS : We currently run our program in 30 schools in the South and North of Johannesburg 


YOUTH: We believe in the youth of our country. We see them as strong individuals who will train, mentor & inspire the children of South Africa. Our aim is to mentor and equip youth to be active in the society; hands on in our community projects i.e. feeding, education, sport & skills training. Our vision is to raise up 1,000 youths.

We currently run our programs every saturday and sunday reaching up to 6000 people. We have organizations in Cape Town , Durban and Mozambique . Our main headquarters is located in Johannesburg South.

AGED: Metro Africa is passionate about the aged we run programs once a month on a saturday. Our current stat for this is 500-700 senior citizens.

SIDEWALK SUPPORT: The ethos of Metro Africa is to go into the less fortunate settlements to care for them and to uplift their communities. This is made possible through mobile support trucks and teams.


PARTNERSHIP: Metro Africa is a sponsorship NPC based organisation that values partnerships. Collectively through individuals, companies and departments working together in our “LIVE to LOVE” campaigns we are making a difference in South Africa.

Lead Pastor Colin

Pastors Desmond and Jenny Naidoo are the founders and senior pastors of Metro Ministries Africa. After being involved in ministry for 27 years and working with underprivileged children, youth and the aged , they have launched Metro Ministries Africa. We are committed and dedicated to improving our country by investing in the people of need. From children to youth and the Aged Metro Ministries is touching and changing lives every single day. 

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